Dolci (Desserts)

Tiramisu – A favorite throughout Italy, this rich trifle made with coffee liqueur and rum goes great with an espresso and will truly lift you up! – 7

Panna Cotta – Literally “cooked cream” this dessert is light and custardy and served with seasonal berries – 5

Drunken Chocolate Cake – Homemade with red wine and the darkest chocolate we could find and topped with a sweet chianti sauce – 7

Limoncello Torte – A rich combination of Sicilian lemon infused sponge cake and mascarpone cheese, topped with white chocolate curls – 7

Nutella™ Cheesecake – Rich chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake goes great with an espresso! – 7

Digestivi (After-Dinner Drinks)

Frangelico – Sweet, nutty and great straight up or over ice with a twist of lime – 4

Amaretto – The wonderful taste of almonds – 3

Limoncello – Intense lemon flavor – 4

Sambuca – Anise flavored – 4

Grappa Moscato – Traditional Italian brandy made from grape pomace– 5

Grappa Nardini Mandorla – Italian brandy flavored with almonds – 5

Caffe Corretto – Espresso with a shot of grappa, brandy or a liqueur of your choice – 6

Espresso/Decaf Espresso – 2

Cappuccino/Decaf Cappuccino – 3

Caffe’ Latte/Decaf Caffe’ Latte – 3